Hi, we are Angela & Anthony.

We’ve been married for 3 years and together for 7.
For years we have always been asked about our own career successes, travels, properties and the ‘instagram’ side of life.
And while we love to share about the things that light us up, that’s not the whole story.

While working as mentors and Coaches, it became clear to us that there is this eternal feeling for everyone of : ’When I have ______ I will be happy’.
But this is not true. Life is a journey for ALL of us and we need to be happy along the way. 

For us, our  ‘when I have______’ is a family.
And while our life on the outside was looking shiny to others, the truth was we were (and still are) experiencing recurrent miscarriages with many traumatic losses.

So, while we deeply believe life is so beautiful —  we’ve both worked with enough people in our (very) eclectic careers to know one thing for sure: No one’s life is perfect. Life goals and successes are not linear for anyone; Life is a wild ride for us all!
This was the motivation behind starting the podcast.

Our mission is to prove that life is a journey for everyone. That life isn’t some shiny destination. That the beautiful blessings come with the same challenges every single human faces.

Guests on the podcast will be people doing amazing things in both business and in life, but sharing the whole story. The humble starting points, the challenges, the failures and the magic it takes to live a life well lived. 

But most of all proving to you, the listeners, that you can do anything and be anything because the people doing the things you dream of are JUST LIKE YOU! 


Anthony DeBartolo is a Serial entrepreneur, Mentor and Speaker. 
With over a decade of business experience, Anthony has founded many companies such as Tolo Clothier and co-founded Wuxly Movement, while also consulting for other businesses. 

Passionate about empowering the youth and young adults, Anthony has most recently taken-on Coaching and Mentoring clients, while also undertaking speaking engagements ranging from ant-bullying to business. 

The Just Like You Podcast is a place where Anthony hopes that anyone from entrepreneurs, men going through recurrent loss or fertility issues, or people who just want more for themselves, to see that anything is possible: no matter what’s going on in their life.

You can learn more about Anthony and ways to work with him by visiting his website at www.AnthonyDeBartolo.com


Angela is a Business & Lifestyle Coach, Wellness Expert and a Certified Meditation Teacher.
She has worked as a Coach in many capacities for more than a decade and as a consultant in the fields of Online Business, Wellness and Marketing for over 15 years.
Her deepest passion is working with women across the world as a Coach, helping others to create a business and life of their dreams.

She is best known for her vulnerable and deeply truthful story telling on her social media, blog and weekly IGTV show. She is excited to go even deeper on the Just Like You Podcast and hope’s it is a place for every person to see themselves in others, to feel more connected and a little less alone.

Angela often speaks on stages about anything from business, to wellness, to her fertility journey and experiences with recurrent miscarriage. She has also appeared in many media outlets as a Life Coach and Wellness expert such as Indie88, The Todd Shapiro Show, Better Living Television, Inside Fitness Magazine, Muscle & Fitness Hers, and Shopper’s Drug Marts ‘Today’s Pharmacist’ spotlights airing on CTV, Slice and The Food Network.

You can learn more about Angela and the ways you can work with her, by visiting her website at www.AngelaMcNally.com.