015 | Angela McNally | Q & A: Fertility, Coaches, Hashimoto’s, Home Ownership & More!

Feb 11, 2020



We are so overwhelmed with all the love and the incredible response to episode 14 about our Fertility journey.
Today Angela is doing her first ever solo episode to answer all the questions that came in after that episode, and so much more!

She discusses loneliness when you are dealing with fertility issues, how to grow your social media, her hashimoto’s disease, how to invest in real estate, who she works with as a Coach, her thoughts on motherhood and business, and so much more.

Enjoy the show!



“Where can you be more of yourself? Where can you share more of what you are?”

“The personal touch is what people what”

“The number one tool that you need to start working right now is your mindset. That means you need to start loving yourself”. 

“Be kinder to yourself, and gentler to yourself” 



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