EP 014 | Angela & Anthony | The Fertility Episode

Feb 4, 2020



In this incredibly vulnerable episode, we are finally sharing our entire fertility journey.
While this is difficult to share, we believe that the stigmas and shame around mental health and miscarriage should be eliminated – and you can only combat this with truth telling.

If this is a path you are also on, we see you, we love you, we are you.
We hope this episode can give you even a shred of strength.
If this is not something you’ve experienced, we hope we can leave you with a little more empathy and a more loving lens for those struggling in your life.


What You Will Discover in This Show:

  • The emotional and mental consequences of going through a fertility journey
  • How a spiritual mindset can help you navigate personal tragedies
  • How to overecome stress and overwhelm while going through your fertility journey
  • And so much more!



“Keep the faith”


“A miscarriage is the same soul coming back, again and again, to push you where you are meant to be in life”


“The baby will align with us at the most perfect time, when we are living our life the way that we are meant to”


“We do not pick. Everything that has happened has been for our highest good and favour even though it has been so traumatic and difficult”



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