EP 009 | Becka Crowe | How My Own Wellness Journey Lead to My Dream Career

Dec 29, 2019




Today Anthony and Angela interview Becka Crowe who is a Wellness Expert and Reiki Practitioner and co-owner of WellHaven, a wellness studio in Toronto.
Becka shares her life story and reveals how she overcame some of the biggest challenges to that led to her own success story.

Becka discusses going from being  unhappy in her work and leading an unhealthy lifestyle to her finding wellness and sharing recipes online – and how it exploded for her over night and led to her being one of Toronto’s top wellness influencers.

Today she continues to explore wellness deeply and inspires thousands.

Her story is incredible and shows you that what you are truly authentic and passionate about something, anything can happen!!

Enjoy the show!


What You Will Learn in This Episode:

  • How to build up a powerful presence on social media
  • Expert and actionable wellness tips 
  • How to overcome the challenges of setting up a new business




“If you look back at the other rock bottoms, they sucked at that time but they usually happen for the best reasons”.

“The darkness brings the light. The hard things brings the good things”.

“Gratitude is a big thing. Looking back, and seeing that there is a silver lining – that is a big thing”.

“When you plant seeds of different plants, they are going to grow differently”.



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