EP 008 | The 5 Steps We Take To Set & Achieve Our Goals

Dec 22, 2019





In today’s show, we talk about one of out favourite things to do as a couple, Goal Setting. 

Step #1 is SETTING CLEAR GOALS and then working backward. This will allow you to make small, incremental steps that move you forward. 

Step #2 is creating an ACTION PLAN. How do you plan on achieving this goal? 

Step #3 is incorporating NON-NEGOTIABLES into your life routine that puts you in a better headspace. 

Step #4 is MONTHLY CHECKS-INS. Monthly accountability calls force you to assess your successes and failures, and also motivate you to put in your best.



If you are setting your goals for 2020 solo or with a partner — this show is not to be missed!


What You Will Learn From This Show:

  • Why realistic goals are way better than audacious ones
  • How to enhance your overall productivity
  • Why accountability is an excellent driver of success
  • How continuous reassessment can help you achieve your goals  


“Anybody can set goals, but what are you doing to execute them?”

“There is some great power in sharing your biggest, most crazy dreams with someone”

“People try to get too big, too fast”

“If we are accountable to someone, it helps us move the needle forward”



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