Proving that people
doing great things 

in business and in life,

are just like you.

Meet Your Hosts

Anthony DeBartolo & Angela McNally DeBartolo

Married for 2 years, together for 6 - Angela and Anthony are on a mission to prove that everyday people can do great things.
Always being asked about their own career successes, the two want to take the 'eliteness' out of achievement and show their listeners that anyone can live the life of their dreams.
Providing listeners with inspiration, guidance on taking aligned action and the right mindset  - they want to prove that YOU can do anything!

Guests on the podcast will be people doing amazing things in both business and in life, sharing their stories from the beginning. The humble starting points, the challenges, the failures and the patience it takes to live a life well lived.
But most of all prove that the people doing the things you dream of, are JUST LIKE YOU! 


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The Just Like You Podcast

Toronto, Ontario, Canada